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  • Trevor feurt
    After construction this printer feels very high quality and produces higher quality prints than my friend's without any of the fiddling and issues he had with his kit, the firmware that comes loaded on the board is perfect, the electronics and hot-end are very high quality so you don't have to worry about it catching your house on fire, overall I am very happy with this printer, it is quiet and produces very good prints

    Jan 27,2018

  • Liekos
    I was very impressed at how simple the setup process was and the out-of-box print quality, my first failed print was due to inadequate supports and a film of resin which developed on the FEP, other than that just play with the support and exposure time settings a bit but for printing miniatures this will work incredibly out of the box

    Mar 30,2018

  • Andres
    Cr-8 printer
    Una impresora 3D realmente Fascinante , su alta calidad en materiales , fácil montaje y su fácil uso , lo hace grande , la impresión es buena , rápida y sin ruidos , el láser aun no lo e probado , es totalmente portátil y su manejo con la tarjeta lo hace mas rápido y limpio , la caja de embalaje llego totalmente en perfecto estado y rápido , su precio es realmente barato , yo esto lo recomiendo 100 % comprar .
    Todo perfecto.

    Jul 19,2016

  • Matt B
    Printing highly detailed small plastic models such as D&D miniatures from, it's hard to communicate just how detailed the prints that this printer produces actually are, the pictures posted in other reviews show the translucent plastic

    Apr 06,2018

  • LPM
    To use it takes soooo long for the prints cause of much much higher exposure time, the resin that actually came with the Printer was excellent, super fast prints very high quality I wish I could find the Anycubic Resin they make but you can't

    Jan 23,2018

  • TechDucth
    Awesome little printer that produces unprecedented detailed objects at this price, i like that some models I was unable to make in FDM are now within reach at much better detail and I don't have to print `` extra-large'' to make possible

    Aug 08,2017

  • P. Sandell
    You're a veteran in FDM printing or even a newbie this resin printer is great for both, very easy to use as long you can follow simple instructions, having a great product also means a great customer service needs to be behind it

    Jul 29,2018

  • Valicity Garris
    We've printed both PLA and ABS and we're going to try flexible filament soon, you'll need one for long print runs, the only thing that keeps the extruder heater on most printers like this from starting a fire is computer control

    Sep 29,2017

  • Sarju P.
    I recently put a negative review after receiving a faulty unit, my first print came out amazing, it's very easy to use and the quality of prints are five star, i am posting only four stars as lack of support from Anycubic

    Aug 10,2018

  • jhaviersantana
    This printer is a huge step up from FDM/FFM usually melted plastic printers, please take some time preparing before you start if you want a good experience, anycubic support is excellent

    Jun 03,2018