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Horror Night Witch Tusks Latex Mask with Hat Wig
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Horror Night Witch Tusks Latex Mask with Hat Wig

- Noir

Masquerade Halloween Party Bar Supply
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Horror Night Witch Tusks Latex Mask with Hat Wig Masquerade Halloween Party Bar Supply
La description:
Le masque est de taille libre.
Masque de latex: réaliste, léger, respirant.
La modélisation de la nuit de l'horreur est conçue pour la mascarade, la fête, le bar, l'Halloween ou simplement pour le plaisir.
Parce que le produit est fait de latex qu'il y a de l'odeur. Saisissez-le naturellement pendant un certain temps avant de porter.


Détails du Produit

Type: Masque et perruque
Style: Frisé
Matières: P Câble
Type de Frange: Aucun
Longueur: Médium
Poids du produit: 0,130 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 60,00 x 30,00 x 30,00 cm / 23,62 x 11,81 x 11,81 pouces
Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 26,00 x 14,00 x 3,50 cm / 10,24 x 5,51 x 1,38 pouces
Liste d'emballage: 1 x masque avec perruque

Horror Night Witch Tusks Latex Mask with Hat Wig- Noir

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  • Bjorn D.
    Now this comes from someone who cosplay and this wig is so easy to work with,this wig is super silky and nice almost feels like real hair,so it won't tangle super easy throughout the day with is great when it comes to wigs,but I felt obligated to write this after having such an awesome experience with making this purchase !! the wig is so soft and hardly looks synthetic especially after applying some dry shampoo,i wore it with a hate to hide the artificial hairline and all of my friends thought i'd chopped and dyed my long brown hair,i definitely recommend and have already purchased a different color !! I cut the bangs so they were more choppy and grays (personal preference) and I also straightened the wig (which it took great to)

    Nov 13,2017

  • Ann Albini
    This wig is a beautiful color and is super soft and very fluffy,extremely comfortable (and I have a large head ; the wig stayed in place without any additional pinning),wig came with black stocking wig cap,making putting up my shoulder length hair easy,wig itself is perfect fit for me,bangs are perfect length for me ; did not have to trim anything,style is very full and fluffy as in the ad photo,however it is obviously not a human hair wig because the color is very uniform,unlike human hair,so I will be careful each time I put it on,am so impressed and pleased with this wig,highly recommend this product because the quality is great for the low price

    May 23,2018

  • Ryan Strait
    I buy a lot of wigs in this price range and honestly this is probably the lowest quality of all the ones i've bought,it just looks like three sections thrown on top of each other with no real effort to create a blend or gradient,the colors are much more vibrant than the picture,it's a long wig,long wigs tangle,but even after soaking it in fabric softer (which is a nice trick to make wigs tangle less) I found that it was just perpetually matted together,there are a lot of other wigs out there this same price that i've found to be much higher quality,so I would say it would make a great wig for a halloween costume

    Nov 30,2016

  • tjhen
    The color is just as rich and gorgeous as pictured,same length,same quality and straightness,arrived in great condition with wig cap,the bangs are much longer than pictured and you will need to style them,but they were so cheap and horribly made it wasn't worth the price,the strands of hair themselves also are very strong,it's also a very snug fit,i don't have a problem with that as i'm sure it wouldn't fall off,not itchy at all like other wigs,also the color is very true to the picture,i just can't believe how much hair there was on the wig

    Sep 16,2018

  • G. Osborn
    I love this wig it is cute and pretty thick doesn't tangle easily it stays on pretty tight I was head banging in it to test it out ahah I just love this wig and its super soft and it isn't shiny thank god overall a very good wig,also it is heat resistant I am a drag queen so I need a wig that can go through hell with me and this wig is just the one definitely recommend this one looks pretty realistic and ive hardly had tangles with is I had gotten the silver grey one and omg it looks really good over all I just love this wig

    Dec 14,2018

  • mfrazier
    This is so adorable but the cap runs totally small so if you have a big head or lots of hair to tuck in,the only problem I had with it is that it is really thin,this is only my second wig,but the one I got before was cheaper and better quality,i can always wear a hat with it so it is not too much of a problem,but it makes me sad that I can only wear my new headband with it in pictures and not out in public ... the bangs were also a little long but that isn't too big of a problem,this wig is decent quality for the price

    Apr 13,2017

  • DrumMaster
    All my time using a wig on halloween it always makes me feel uncomfortable since I got it from a random store and this is the first time I feel comfortable with it,i would recommend you to buy it

    Dec 01,2016

  • Sharon F.
    Came with a wig cap and is good quality,the wig came out of the package immediately wearable,the wig cap works well and the wig itself is as comfortable as wearing a wig can be,bought this as a second fun wig after buying another for my halloween costume,i've worn this in public and receive compliments on it,great quality for the price and one of the only times I feel I got more than I paid for

    Dec 17,2016

  • T6one9
    This is the first wig i've ever gotten (granted,most synthetic wigs have that telltale over-shininess,but this one came out of the package dull - which,is a good thing,the color is likewise gorgeous,but the great thing about this kind of dusty pink color is that it looks gorgeous with any skintone,so if you're having a hard time choosing a color

    Oct 25,2017

  • Mojo Star
    It was good for a halloween costume but not the greatest for everyday use,it was a bit thin in the back so i'll probably order another for comic con and sew them together,it was also tight on my head the second time I wore it which was strange but probably a mistake on my part,i got many compliments on this wig

    Dec 04,2017

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Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

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