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  • Bruno Silva
    Laser projection Keyboard
    Funny gadget but only this, has good construction but could be better not very satisfied because it is noisy the projected keyboard is barely visible etc ......
    I'm not too pleased with this overpriced article for the poor quality that has super sorry too noisy whenever key is beeped too loud and the keyboard projected is very weak disappointed with this product expected much better

    May 17,2018


    Thank you for your feedback.
    We regret that you are experiencing issues with the item.
    Our customer service will send a message to you within 24 hours to get more details of your issues.
    Please check the ticket in your account and provide some photos and videos to give more detailed information.
    We always would like to do our best to help solve any issue for customers.
    Best regards,

    Jun 15,2018

  • KrazyCanuck
    Bluetooth laser keyboard
    Well made unit. Had no problems at all getting it to pair with my cell phone. It is easier to use in low light settings but it is sure handy when you want to do lots of typing on your cell phone. If you travel a lot this is a handy unit to have with you.

    Jan 06,2019

  • Andre
    Teclado a Laser Bluetooth
    O Teclado a Laser Bluetooth é incrível. Funciona muito bem e é pratico. ideal para instalar no Mi Box TV, Ps3, PC ou outros periféricos. Parabéns Gearbest!

    Nov 10,2017

  • Pedro Alberto
    Great Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard with LCD Display!
    - good quality
    - works very well
    - quality built
    - Great portability

    Feb 06,2017

  • Apelpie
    Es tut genau das, was es soll :-)
    Das ganze ist ein nettes Gimmik,
    aber eigentlich nicht als Vollwertige Tastatur zu verwenden.

    Die Fläche wo das Feld projiziert wird ist meist der Tisch,
    halt keine Tastedynamik. Für "mal Kurz" ja sicher.
    Aber einen längern Text (mehr als 2-3 Seiten) sind nicht so schön auf der Tischplatte (hard, kein Tastenanschlag).

    Feb 07,2020

  • Fredson
    Teclado muito bom
    Esse teclado é uma novidade, ele chama a atenção. É um produto de ótima qualidade. Estou muito satisfeito. Esse site é simplesmente um site muito bom !

    Feb 21,2018

  • Alex Mendes Miranda
    Projetor teclado
    O site tem ótimas ofertas, o preço estava bem barato, a entrega veio dentro do prazo esperando. O produto chego em perfeitas condições. Testado e aprovado, fácil de manusear e me surpreendeu com a qualidade.

    Jan 15,2020

    Excellent, I use it all the time around my Flat. Packaging was excellent and delivery was fast. This item feels good to handle and is sturdy.

    Dec 19,2019

  • Cátia
    O produto já vem com bateria.
    Funciona bem mesmo com telemóveis com baixa capacidade de processamento.
    Em ambientes com luz é possível usar este teclado.
    Ser um teclado"qwerty"
    Os caracteres especiais funcionam bem.
    O som que faz ao escrever.

    Jul 19,2017

  • C J E
    It is a great portable item. Works anywhere and in the dark. Still experiencing this new gadget and like it.

    Jan 13,2017