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  • Charly Valboa
    Chuwi Aerobook, una escalada de Chuwi en diseño, materiales, acabados manteniendo un precio rompedor. Ya he tenido otro Chuwi, pero no estaba acostumbrado a tanto, manteniendo precio irresistible.
    El empaquetado es muy bueno y el equipo llegó muy bien protegido. Impresiona al sacarlo por su tacto de materiales y al abrirlo destaca su gran teclado y una pantalla casi sin bordes. Poco peso y muy portable a pesar de sus 13,3 pulgadas.
    La instalación y sus actualizaciones muy rápidas gracias a su buena calidad wifi dual. El reinicio es rapidísimo gracias a su SSD M.2 de 256Gb y la pantalla ofrece una visualización muy nítida. el funcionamiento es muy estable con su Intel Dual Core M3 y también gracias a sus 8Gb Ram
    Y para finalizar dos puertos USB 3.0, Jack de audio, Lector de tarjetas TF (128GB) y salida Mini.HDMI.
    ¡Claro que me hubiera gustado una pantalla táctil!....y una mayor resolución en la Cámara.
    Pero eso lo dejamos para futuras versiones...
    Realmente con este equipo Chuwi nos nuestra de lo que es capaz frente a la competencia internacional de Grandes Marcas... y con un precio imbatible.
    Sin lugar a dudas ¡Chuwi lo has petado!.
    Lo recomiendo, sin lugar a dudas, para trabajos ofimáticos y la informática del día a día.
    Para los juegos tendréis que gastaros un poco más... o esperar otra jugada de Chuwi.

    Sep 16,2019

  • Григорий
    Ноутбук Chuwi ArroBook
    Долго выбирал ноут на замену старенькому. Критерии выбора: компактный размер, металлический корпус, малый вес, ОЗУ не менее 8 ГБ, SSD не менее 256 Гб, 5-6 часов автономной работы. Много выбирал, вроде и нравиться, но всегда что-то останавливало: то время работы маленькое, то корпус из пластика, то ОЗУ и SSD меньше желаемого, то ценник конский....
    В итоге нашёл Chuwi AeroBook, как под меня собранный. Удовлетворяет всем моим требованиям. Брал на распродаже за 28 т.р., сейчас по акции можно найти ещё дешевле.
    Внешне и по начинке сопоставим с
    MacBook и Xiaomi AirBook, только ценник гораздо ниже. Считаю, что за свои деньги Chuwi AeroBook лучшее предложение цена-качество.
    Показал друзьям, так они тоже загорелись приобрести такой ноутбук.
    Недостатков пока не обнаружил.
    Рекомендую продавца и товар к приобретению!

    Jul 05,2019

  • Patrick Camangian
    Premium Quality Laptop on a Budget
    Finally received the item here in the Philippines, took it 35days to be delivered in my door step. But it's fine since Gearbest isn't to for it. DHL kinda sucks here in our country, processing is very slow. Plus tax computation is a little high for the value.

    Overall the product is very good for its price, specially the built quality. Am still in the process of testing and setting up the device but so far I haven't found any issue. The laptop came in complete packaging with all the accessories included, I'm quite happy since I received it sealed and brandnew. Thanks gearbest for the awrsome device.

    Jul 23,2019

  • Lucas
    Superou muito as expectativas!
    Este notebook superou todas as expectativas possíveis. Eu esperava um processador lento, devido ao ano de lançamento do m3-6y30, porém ele me surpreendeu de forma positiva. O notebook é muito rápido e os 8GB de memória RAM são perfeitos, contribuindo para evitar qualquer tipo de travamento. Ele é perfeito para tarefas diárias, e só não é recomendável para edição de vídeos e jogos. A beleza do notebook impressiona muito e ele é muito fino. A duração da bateria atinge entre 5 e 7 horas, dependendo do uso (para navegação e streaming simultaneamente, a bateria dura por volta de 6 horas). Recomendo muito!! Adorei e utilizo todos os dias como computador secundário! Excelente!

    Oct 19,2019

  • Adonis Thomas
    Works Excellent, Worthy to Buy
    The laptop arrived fast, packed very well and in great shape. When I opened it, impressed with the stylish appearance of the AeroBook, looks very textured.
    The Intel processor although only has two cores, but its speed is enough for my study and entertainment. Watching movie or playing music is very smoothly and stable, also I can using word, PPT without feel slow. The 13.3 inch IPS screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the image quality is really good, shows your every detail of the picture. It also designed with a perfect size for easy going, not too large or small. It runs Windows 10 OS. Strongly recommended to buy it. Love it!!!!!!

    May 08,2019

  • Sherry Catharine
    Extremely - and pleasantly! - surprised
    I'm typing on this very computer right now! It’s really a good machine whether for performance or appearance. With the 80% screen-to-body ratio and 5mm bezel, Aerobook put a 13.3 inch screen in the 12 inch body size, and the IPS screen brings 1080P vivid details come alive. I take it with me on hiking trips, to school, and carry it all over my apartment for watching movies, doing work, listening to music etc. It handles a lot more than I expected it to. For the appearance, it’s crafted with double-sided aluminum-magnesium alloy metal, bringing tactile touch, while shining luster and delicate texture.
    10/10 for me with this.

    May 03,2019

  • Eric Swift
    Quality laptop from CHUWI
    I had no problems so far with this CHUWI Aerobook which is surprising, I always have issues with new laptops. It runs great and looks cool. The display is shockingly good, making this an easy choice for looking sharp textures, the colors are quite vibrant as well. It also has a large capacity of 256GB SSD, provides room to store pictures, videos, music and more. Battery life is spectacular. This laptop under heavy load will last roughly 6-8 hours. The back-lit keyboard is a huge bonus as well.
    Great performance and usability. I think for the price this computer is hard to beat.

    Apr 30,2019

  • Gerhard
    Handy, Portable and Fun.
    Wow, what a pleasure, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD, meaning it’s well-equipped for an Ultrabook with a price of under $400.00 USD. For comparison, that’s twice the storage as the same priced Surface Go, and you don’t need to purchase a keyboard for this laptop either. It does pair nicely with the Core m3, offering enough RAM and storage to make the system usable for many tasks. Just wish the Battery was bigger, but it does last long enough and charges very quickly. Love It. So Handy, portable and fun! And the Backlit Keyboard is such a bonus!

    Aug 05,2019

  • CM
    Very nice
    The laptop took a while to arrive, but in the range of time that I consider normal. Aside from that, it arrived flawlessly, no damage, nothing to point out.
    I've been using it for two weeks now and nothing to complain. It looks great, it feels great on touch - keyboard, touchpad - and it behaves according to its specs, at least for what I've tried. One pointt is that it does heats up a bit when charging and possibly under heavier load, but the heat does spread out a bit after.
    Overall, its a great laptop for what it intends to be and a great value for this price.

    Jul 14,2019

  • TY
    A Great PC (key touch feelings are also great) but had a small scratch
    I bought this PC with USD399 at the Flash Sales timing.
    The package came by DHL within 5 days from Hong Kong to Japan.

    The hardware looks nice and strong enough to carry out.
    And the key touch feeling is also great when compared to the IBM Think Pad.

    One of the very disappointing is the palm-top (right side) had a small scratch when I opened the package. I hope the scratch will not spread further.

    Jul 12,2019