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  • Antz
    Broadlink RM Mini 3 - Amazing Little Device
    I gave the product 4 stars because it is an amazing device for such a great price. It works well with my TV, my air-cond, my fan and my audio amp. The selection of devices is quite extensive and if it is not listed, you can program your own device through the IR learning feature.
    However, Alexa can only work if you select to add Lamps and Television. Adding in the other modes will not be detected by Alexa. If Broadlink fixes this, I will give it 5 stars. That said, you can trick Alexa to operate any device if you add the device as a TV or Lamp and edit it later. The shipping packaging leaves much to be desired.
    My package arrived in pretty bad shape and upon taking the product out of the box, it appeared to be broken as the top was off the product. See video attached. However, although the item was damaged and the top keeps falling off, I have decided to keep it rather than return it fro an exchange as the functionality of the device seems to be good. I just have to glue the top back. Pretty bad shipping packaging. See the pictures to see the condition the box arrived in. Took some really hard knocks and the device could have been broken in pieces.
    The product is great value and I will highly recommend the purchase.

    Oct 20,2018

  • giuseppe castaldo
    Broadlink Remote Controller
    The broadlink remote controller owns multifuctions such as WiFi smart control ,private customized ,remote control, multi-group timing. Making air conditon healthy breathing. WiFI smart control Easy to use, only one step connection to your home or office Wi-Fi, no gateway needed, Supporting Wifi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n Private customized For healthy sleeping, you can customize the air condition status , time mode and temperature, setting their owwn sleeping temperature.
    Remote control Long distance open air conditon, set air condition mode and one click to open TV, TV box etc.
    Catch all infrared appliances Compatible with infrared appliances: air conditioning, TV, TV boxes, IPTV, audio, DVD projectors, SLR cameras etc. Support autonomous learning, control more devices. APP control Three steps to connect APP, it is easy to control the temperature change. Support Apps for Android and IOS. Using Broadlink App, you can control your devices anywhere,anytime
    Use to control air conditioner system at home, just install the Broadlink app on the phone, plug the Mini3 to power and use the app to connect Mini3 to your wifi. Add Air Conditioner typical device, use the IR remote controle Once and Mini3 detect model and that's it. Working from outside (Norway - France) without any setting to do on router or anything else ! IR Range is very good. Cover all living room (30m²)

    May 18,2017

  • Luca
    Excellent item
    The universal WIFI /IR Remote Controller is very useful. Installation and configuration are simple and fast. You have to simply connect the remote controller to power plug and configure, using the appropriate APP, the WI-FI network to connect. The APP is very well done and it's localized in english, so don't worry if you don't speak chinese. Configuring you devices is a matter of minutes. The IR controller can "learn" your remotes, so, select what type of remote you want to configure and start teaching the controller pointing the device in its direction and pressing buttons when requested by the app. There are some "templates" for virtual controller. For example, TV remote has an own template simulating a standard and universal tv controller. You can also define scenes with your IR controlled devices. For example, turn on TV and air conditioner 1 at the same time.
    No predefined profiles for common devices and brands. A bunch of preconfigured devices just in the set top box category.

    Aug 09,2016

  • Frank
    Sembra Ok.
    L'ho appena ricevuto e ho avuto un pò di difficoltà a metterlo parzialmente in funzione. Prima di tutto non si capisce quale è l'app che bisogna installare. Dopo 2 giorni di ricerche e consigli contradditori su Internet, alla fine l'app giusta era IHC foe EU, che però non voleva saperne di connettersi con il broadlink a causa della rete che riconosceva a 5Ghz, mentre lui funziona con quella a 2.4. In realtà il mio router è dual band, ma mentre gli altri dispositivi connessi, pur appoggiandosi anch'essi sulla banda 2.4, davano un warning poi su connettevano, l'IHC impedisce di proseguire con la connessione. Alla fine ho trovato un congegno di rete 2.4 e ho potuto connettermi e mettere in rete l'RM Mini 3. L'ho usato per il momento per far funzionare la mia TV. Con l'apposito skill, adesso la controllo con Alexa. Poi ho tentato di far funzionare una seconda TV, ma questa volta la magia non mi è riuscita. Tenterò ancora, ma dò 4 stelle, perchè la TV, con qualche problemino, funziona e perchè la recensione bisognerebbe farla dopo un pò..

    Dec 26,2018

  • alex
    Установил его сразу. Приложение не имеет большого количества предконфигурированных пультов дистанционного управления, и некоторые шаблоны также слишком ограничены, но оно изучает каждый ключ с каждого пульта, который у меня есть. Обратите внимание, что вы используете правильное (в моем случае EU) приложение, так как другие не будут ссылаться на Alexa и Google Home. Вся настройка работает. В моем случае я могу только включать и выключать телевизор и устанавливать приставки с помощью Alexa и Google. Используя приложение, вы также можете включать и выключать эти устройства, но будьте внимательны, если ваш телевизор уже выключен, снова нажмите кнопку «выключить» в приложении, чтобы мой телевизор включился. В целом, это дополнительная помощь в случае, если я не могу найти правильный пульт. За эти деньги я, безусловно, могу порекомендовать его.

    Feb 03,2019

  • Erick Strada
    Pequeño pero poderoso
    Excelente producto, inmensas ventajas. No pude configurarlo con el código QR, pero manualmente fue sencillísimo. Conectado al WiFi y enlazado al celular, puedes controlar todo.
    A pesar que en la App se puede configurar automáticamente un control por marca y modelo, puedes configurar un control personalizado para, literalmente, cualquier cosa con control remoto infrarrojo: desde un juguete, hasta un VHS antiguo. Las "escenas" son muy prácticas para automatizar acciones que requieren varios botones, también para exportarlas a Google Home y controlar todo con la voz. El rango de proyección es de 360º, tiene que tener visión directa a los aparatos. Es un producto muy útil, realmente.

    - Instalación sencilla.
    - Posibilidad infinitas.
    - Pequeño y vistoso.
    - Barato.

    - No incluye adaptador de pared.
    - A veces demora la reconexión ante un corte de WiFi (pocas veces).
    - No hay opción de configurar de presionar un botón por más de 1 seg.

    Dec 07,2018

  • Antão
    Broadlink RM mini3
    Uau, uau, uau
    Estou super contentes com esta compra.
    A encomenda chegou rapidamente.
    Produto bem embalado.
    Super fácil de se instalar e configurar.
    Tenho aparelhos em casa de marcas estranhas e o mini3 aprendeu os códigos logo à primeira.
    Neste momento controlo a barra de som, a televisão e a box android.
    Deixei de usar 3 comandos para usar apenas a voz pois a integração com o Google Assistant funciona muito bem.
    Recomendo vivamente este produto.
    Muito bom mesmo.


    Wow, wow, wow
    I'm super happy with this purchase.
    The order arrived quickly.
    Well packaged product.
    Super easy to install and configure.
    I have devices in the house of strange marks and the mini3 learned the codes soon to the first one.
    Right now I control the sound bar, the television and the android box.
    I stopped using 3 commands to use only the voice because integration with Google Assistant works very well.
    I strongly recommend this product.
    Very good indeed.

    Jul 12,2019

  • Ismael
    Cada vez más util
    Cuando compre este artilugio lo que buscaba era algo para sustituir el mando a distancia del aire acondicionado y de la TV que empezaban a fallar, aunque ya de paso lo use como mando a distancia de más aparatos que tenía en la misma habitación. Con el tiempo descubrí en un vídeo de Youtube del canal "Just Unboxing" que se podía sincronizar con Google Home para usarlo con comandos de voz y crear instrucciones simples para realizar tareas combinadas. A partir de ahí, las posibilidades de uso se incrementaron enormemente y hoy que ya ha pasado un tiempo desde que lo compré, me resulta algo tan natural de usar que si se me rompiera, compraría otro sin duda alguna para reemplazarlo.

    Aug 11,2019

  • Dario
    Cost effective remote control solution
    Small and extremely practical, connected through Google Assistant I'm remotely monitoring AC Units and Wall Fans. The new control app is way more user friendly and scenes now work accurately. So far the only small issue I have is with the standby function: issuing a command / activating a scene through Google Assistant sometimes leads to a very long response time from the RM Mini (Google reports the command as executed but the LED doesn't blink).
    Aside from this, I definitely advice using this product to remotely control household units: the supported appliances database is always growing and if you can't find your model it takes less than 5 minute to learn the IR Codes from the actual remote.

    Sep 25,2019

  • ascanio
    rm mini3
    perfetto facile da configurare utilissimo grazie gearbest
    Smart & RemoteControl: modalità scena Supporto e modalità sleep, controllare i dispositivi ovunque e in qualsiasi momento tramite l'applicazione, una chiave al controllo
    Pianificazione: Preset i propri profili, automaticamente il lavoro a tempo dell'insieme
    Cura i vostri animali domestici: accendere l'aria condizionata quando non si è in casa
    Funzione Timer: Impostare il tempo come si desidera, non perdere da un momento all'altro. Supporto 2.4G wi-fi, non supporta 5G, password Wifi meno di 32 byte, senza spazi e simboli speciali, solo con alfabeto e numero, router 802.11 b / g modalità
    Configurazione facile: collegare alla vostra casa e ufficio WiFi, nessun gateway needed.IR distanza di telecomando può essere fino a 12m

    Jan 04,2019


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