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Original Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 Health Weighting Scale Bluetooth 5 Digital Scale Support Android 4.3 iOS 9 Mifit APP
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Original Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 Health Weighting Scale Bluetooth 5 Digital Scale Support Android 4.3 iOS 9 Mifit APP

- White France

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Principales Caractérisques

Smart Weight Scale 2

Model: 2.0 Weight Scale
Material: Tempered glass + Engineering plastic
Weighing Range: 100g-150kg
Weighing Unit: KG, LB
Operating Temperature: -0℃ ~ + 40℃
Batterry: 1.5V
Battery: 3PCS AAA Battery
bluetooth connection: bluetooth 5.0
Color: White
Compatible with device types: ISO 9.0 & Android 4.3 bluetooth 4.0 & Above
Size: 300 x 300 x 20mm / 11.81 x 11.81 x 0.78 inch

scales 2
Sensible precision in a glass of water

High precision pressure sensor
Dual mode
Ideal weight real-time calculation
Body balance assessment

High precision sensor
Accurately perceive physical changes every day

The weight scale 2 uses high-precision manganese steel sensors, which can accurately detect changes as small as 50g. Every meal you eat and every glass of water you drink can be easily quantified. At the same time, it provides three units of kilograms, pounds and pounds Choice, effectively help you refine your weight data.

High-precision manganese steel sensor
Performance upgrades as small as 50g

Sports APP
Draw your moving curves

Open the Sports App, you can view the data and physical changes of the curve record , anywhere, and clearly see the process of your own transformation. Fitness plans and diet adjustments can also be made based on the BMI (Body Mass Index). At the same time, each time your weighing data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud through the APP, unlimited storage.

The lighter the weight, the better
Have an ideal weight and be healthier

The scale 2 is equipped with an ideal weight measurement function.
It is suitable for your weight according to the height and age, BMI and other data,
so that you don't have to blindly lose weight and overweight for the beauty of the shape.

Keep your body stable
Balance ability is essential

Balance ability is the basic ability of physical activity, and improving balance can reduce the risk of our falls and joint injuries. The millet scale 2 is equipped with a body balance test function. When you close your eyes and stand on the scale, you can understand your body balance on the app.

Automatically identify every family member
weight scale 2 can automatically identify family members based on physical data, and can support up to 16 members to share with the whole family. It is also possible to set the guest mode, and the measurement data of others are not traceless and are not retained.

Automatically identify users
Guest mode
Support 16 people sharing

Holding baby weighing
Pay attention to your baby's growth

scales 2 support the weighing of the baby, the parents weighed once, and then the baby is weighed into the arms and weighed, you can automatically get the baby's weight. Of course, you can measure the weight of your pet in the same way.

Easy to integrate into the home environment
Regardless of the use or appearance, the scale 2 is a simple but full of experience. Its crystal clear, smooth and delicate texture can be incorporated into any home style without feeling.

Weighing people, intelligent switching
Send parcels, daily necessities, etc.
In addition to weighing the human body, the scale 2 can also meet the needs of weighing small objects, and can measure still life as low as 100g after booting. Is the melon fruit bought enough? The delivery of the courier is multiple? The small problem of life weighing is solved.

Hidden LED screen,
The display is clear and brings an integrated look and feel.

Warm white tempered glass, multiple screen printing
The 20 processes are finely crafted and sturdy.

Rounded corners, CNC precision processing,
Smooth and delicate, reducing bump damage

Bluetooth 5.0, faster and more stable transmission
scale 2 uses low-power Bluetooth 5.0, the weight data transmission speed is faster and more stable, cherish your every second.

packing list
weight scale 2 7th battery x3 manual (including three packs of vouchers) x1


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