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  • Joshua Crowder
    I charge it before every class just to be safe so I'm not sure how long the battery life really is, but since I use this for work I'm not willing to go without charging it before class, the only issue I have is that turning it off can be annoying because it wants you to hold the button down for an extended amount of time and it flashed blue before red so it can be confusing

    Mar 08,2018

  • Marion
    A few second push of the button and the device powers on and attempts to reconnect with the ` last known' device, among the low reviews of this device are a number stating that the device ` went bad after a few days/weeks' and I will update this review if I experience same

    Sep 22,2018

  • Steven M. Kuhnhofer Jr.
    Automatically connects to the last device it was connected to

    Jan 31,2018

  • Engrid
    I suppose a volume control on the BT receiver could be useful

    Aug 03,2018

  • JohnL
    There are few devices I'm this contented with

    Oct 17,2018

  • John Hoffmann
    This is a great device And it works very well

    Aug 05,2018

  • Veronica Deleon
    I have range throughout most of my house

    Aug 25,2018

  • Joey Stocking
    Great little gadget at a great price

    Feb 01,2018

  • rglaredo
    The sound quality is crystal clear

    Oct 20,2018

  • Brandon Prue
    No lag and long battery life

    Dec 21,2017