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  • Mattia Franchi
    Nice product if you want a taste of actual VR at lower price. But some parts are missing?
    The Headset gives an actual full immersive VR feeling.

    Confirmed compatibility with SteamVR, but some games are only compatible with specific headsets (Ex:.Google Earth VR will only work on htcVIVE)

    You can also play other games in VR using 3rd party software (Tridef) but you won't have head tracking.

    Plenty of space for Glasses

    The resolution is 1280 x 1440 per eye, not 2k per eye. You will see a bit of screendoor effect. But the experience will still be fine.
    The software doesn't come with the package, you have to manually search for it and download it from the official site (that is in Chinese language, you have to translate with Google) Then download the device driver updates, that your pc may recognize as Viruses (they are not) The software is in English but the instructions are in Chinese.
    It works fine but it's not user friendly for casual pc users.

    It only comes with 1 controller, not 2 (maybe the second one was missing?)

    The front camera tracking feature appears to be really limited. You have to come really close to the tracking balls to have an effect, and the controller will glitch or disappear if you move it slightly out of view.

    The controller just won't work for some games. In "The Lab" it only change position. Some buttons requested by some games appears to be you get stuck at a point.

    Mar 14,2017