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  • AurelianT
    good for also testing capacity, not just voltage and intensity
    I got a good price for this unit, 3.46 USD on flash sale. I chose this device over others because it also measured the capacity, not just volts and amps. It's pretty straight forward: you place this between the two devices where you want to measure the current flow. For measuring capacity, you need to keep this connected the whole time the battery charges (or the powerbank discharges). The little button helps you reset the time and capacity measurement. I have only one concern regarding this device (hence the 4 stars): the display and all the electronics soldered to it rattle inside the casing, because it appears it wasn't fixed in place before the case itself was sealed shut. This may put extra strain on the wires every time I pull out the USB plug and may shorten the lifespan of the entire unit. If the wires going out have a few extra loops inside the casing, then it's all good. Check out my comments section on the youtube video for later updates about how it holds up. This unit had the best price in its range and it is the main reason why I chose it.

    Jan 13,2019

  • Herby
    USB tester
    Works excellent for testing capacity of cellphone batteries. Just run your phone totally down then fully charge it through the tester. when fully charged read the mAh on the tester. That is the actual capacity of the battery. As the battery ages this number will fall.

    The back of my case says KCX_-17 input rating 4-30v/50ma-3000ma This is more than stated in the GB description.
    A very excellent device!!!

    Herby Ordered a spare

    Jan 27,2020

  • IgorM
    Nice tool
    Very nice and useful tool for checking battery capacity, also for amps and volts of your device.
    Like it for small size and compact size, 10 memory info about device you measuring.
    Very portable for everybody who love to play with electronic devices.

    Sep 18,2019

  • Fredy
    Muy buena herramienta para medir el voltaje, en realidad es muy útil para probar los cargadores y los cables. Me ha servido mucho, es de buen tamaño y buena calidad. Muy buena compra, nada malo que agregar....

    Nov 26,2019

  • Giorgio
    USB Ammeter Voltmeter Charging Capacity Tester Detector
    It looks fine now I have possibility to check battery of my mobile or powerbank itis good to check for ease testing it is enough. Delivery is ok 14 days from china to EU
    I hope it will good serve me

    Oct 19,2019

  • Ilay
    Прибор работает, данные показывает. Можно проверить все свои usb зарядки, и не только, на корректность выдаваемой напруги. Корпус хлипкий, плата внутри болтается, не сильно критично, но не приятно.

    Jan 11,2019

  • tim
    I bought for my husband and he said it's okay, working fine but he is not as satisfied as he thought before.

    Feb 13,2019

  • Amperímetro usb
    Hasta el momento ha funcionado muy bien, da los resultados de voltaje y amperaje de manera correcta

    May 27,2019

  • usb тэстер
    usb тэстер
    Отправили быстро, пришло в Крым за 14 дней!!!! Спасибо большое, все работает, товар соответствует описанию. Рекомендую.

    Nov 18,2019

  • BS1397
    Very Useful
    It works fine.

    Nov 18,2019