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  • Bonnie
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    The main function: a lot of functions, mainly to pay attention to heart rate monitoring function, because the heart rate needs to be controlled during exercise, can achieve fat reduction effect; In addition, the watch can support a lot of sports state, more practical.Endurance: I bought it for a week and I haven't charged it yet. At present, there are still 65% left, and the endurance is very strong.Comfort: The watch itself is light and has little weight. The watch belt is soft, but to be honest, it is very stuffy and not very comfortable. Usually I am wearing a metal chain watch, I am used to it.Accuracy: I feel that the sleep test is not particularly accurate, and other functions are not bad.Other features: It is very convenient when charging, the watch can be directly magnetized. There are many styles of dials, and there is a lot of choice.

    Sep 23,2019

  • Jocelyn
    Oui (0) Couleur: Gray
    Cool Appearance
    It's really like the Apple Watch. The square dial and 3D glass are similar to the Apple Watch, but the whole machine is lighter and thinner. The thickness is 9.4mm and the weight is 24.8g. The Apple Watch 4 of the same size has a thickness of 10.7mm and a weight of 36.7g. The screen is exquisite and feature-rich. The front is 1.6-inch AMOLED screen, 341ppi, touch is very sensitive, support 50m waterproof, NFC access control bus, double star positioning, heart rate monitoring.

    Sep 23,2019

  • Iris
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    Comfortable Wearing
    The watch is very comfortable to wear, and the back of the watch is not too big, so it won't feel flustered. Silicone strap, fits the skin, and sweats are not uncomfortable. The watch is very light, much thinner than another Amazfit watch I bought before, so that it won't look so big when worn, and the girl will not be big, just right. As a sports watch, it is very good in terms of function, appearance and wearing comfort.

    Sep 16,2019

  • Elaine
    Oui (1) Couleur: Beige
    Amazing Long Standby
    The battery life is very good. It was fully charged before going to bed yesterday. It is still 100% at 11 o'clock this morning. From getting to upgradeing, setting up for a long time, basically no power failure, I did not expect the battery life is really strong, according to the current power consumption speed, full power can be used for nearly 20 days.

    Sep 09,2019

  • Kama
    Oui (0) Couleur: Beige
    Various Dials
    With a rich dial and a wide range of sports modes, this GTS has more than 100 dial styles and 12 sport modes, which are friendly to your fitness partners. The actual content of each area of the dial can be set, this is quite novel and very easy to use.

    Sep 17,2019

    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    excellent product, spectacular finish, very well packaged, just enjoyed not being taxed by customs, the declared value was 50 dollars, but overall the product is very good.

    Oct 29,2019