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  • David_ll
    Great, and supports MP3
    Just received the product, opened the package, and snaped some photos. It looks very nice on my helmet. The seller prodvides two ways of installation, both are easy and work well. Connected with my phone, the sound quality is great when it is used to make phone calls and listen to music. There is another cable to connect with my MP3, so I can listen to music stored on the player.

    Oct 26,2018

  • Freddie
    Great Bluetooth intercom, compatible with the previous generation
    I really like the product, especially because it can work with my old intercom BT-S2. The silicone buttons feel great, 'cause they respond well to my touch when I wear gloves. When I am riding, I can use my smartphone to make phone calls and listen to music. The sound is loud enough, and that's what I want.

    Oct 14,2018

    half a month review
    I have been using this product for half a month. The pros of this product are 1) a very long battery life than expected. 2)the best audio quality found so far. 3) since it is made out of rubber it is easy to differentiate buttons and it provides nessary grip for clicking them.
    The cons of the product are 1) it does not have a play/pause button. 2) you call Google assistance. 3) comparison to bts2 it is bulky 3) the initial sound is too dam loud so you have to adjust the sound and then wear helmet 4) the sound starts to lag at 100 kmph.
    overall it is a good product for daily commute
    ( it was a hard time finding cons except first 2)

    Jan 08,2019

  • José Antonio
    Se emparejan facilmente
    Primera impresión es buena, volumen alto, se empareja muy fácilmente y tiene radio FM, buen tacto. Los auriculares un poquitin gruesos ( para mi gusto ), pero un sonido bueno. Les he probado con mi pareja ( les he montado deprisa en 2 cascos modulares HJC IS- MAX BT el mio y el de mi esposa el FS-MAXN) y YO la escuchaba a 135 kms/h. pero ella a mi no ( creo que era por el casco ), bien ya os contaré mas cuando les pruebe con mas atención.
    A ver si encuentro otros auriculares y micro para ponerles en otro casco integral.

    Aug 22,2018

  • sharan
    alfawise bt s3 - excellent product
    first i was a bit skeptical ordering from another country to india. now i have gained confidence to order in gear best. reliable. and original products on sale. product delivered real fast.
    product is excellent. good packing. excellent quality. but struggled to find how to fix the blue tooth control unit onto helmet. went through tons of you tube videos. before sorting it out. very simple.
    request alfawise to post a video tutorial in you tube. for easy installation

    Oct 01,2018

  • Pinho
    Muito bom
    Produto recebido em muito bom estado.
    Pacote muito bem protegido.
    O produto está conforme descrito no publicitado.
    Um defeito constrangedor que provoca algum desconforto.
    O auscultador direito por vezes falha. Mau contacto do cabo que liga ao aparelho. Tenho que dar um ajuste para dar som nos dois ao mesmo tempo. Caso contrário só dá no esquerdo.
    Deveria ser corrigido.
    Pena não funcionar com telemóveis Huawei. Não consigo perceber...

    Apr 02,2019

  • yohan pribadi
    BT S3
    I like this new model of intercom... shape looks nice and quite small too...
    the mounting of this intercom just feels right..
    i use booth mounting on my helmets..
    the clip on mount not to fit on my exo combat so i use the velcro one.

    The earphone and mic can't complain at all..
    so far no cons at all...

    Jul 27,2018

  • Mohanakrishnan
    Awesome Product
    Hi guys I’m really happy to share my experience about this product. Which is BT-S3. A awesome product works really great. The sound quality is good and also the noise cancellation is really great. I’m very lucky to have this product which is very cheap in cost and good in quality. I will give 4/5stars for this product.

    Jan 02,2019

  • Gergely
    Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Headset
    Quick delivery to Hungary. My first impressions are:
    - Good quality of headset and equipments
    - Easy to install
    - User manual is userfriendly

    I hope it will very good during ride as well.

    Aug 24,2018

  • Raynr
    Must buy for riders
    Very nice device for the price.excellent noise reduction, enough volume from speakers so that instructions can be clearly heard,Have used extensively on long rides with gps and battery back up very good,Have not paired it up with another so cant comment on that one.Overall very good product for the price

    Feb 23,2019