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  • Krumholz Max
    Good product
    you have a video - i think i explain everything
    Alfawise AD - 1807 Infrared Sensing Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser features a near-field infrared sensor, which can instantly identify the hand within 5cm and squeeze out the foam as fast as 0.25s. It is as smaller as a toothbrush cup, you can put it in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony easily.
    Main Features: ●Touchless infrared sensing , more sanitary and convenient
    ● Built-in near field infrared sensor, sensing range 1 - 5cm
    ●0.25s quick foaming, no waiting
    ●2 foaming quantities to choose, get the right amount of hand sanitizer
    ● Reasonable hand sanitizer output, ensures the cleaning effect and improves the utilization rate, save 30 percent than ordinary soap dispensers
    ● Pump out dense foam, 1:12 gas-liquid rate, effectively remove more than 99.9 percent of bacteria ● Built-in micro motor, quiet 40dB working noise and low power consumption, 4 AA batteries can use half a year
    Specifications: Product material: plastic Voltage: 6V ( 4 x AA battery, not included )
    Motor: intelligent silent motor Noise: 40dB Hand sanitizer capacity: 280ml Working temperature: 5 - 40 Deg.C
    Working humidity RH: 0 - 95 per cent Waterproof rating: IPX4
    Induction distance: not more than 70mm Gear: 2 foaming quantities for adults and children
    Notes: It is recommended to use standard foaming hand sanitizer, if you use ordinary hand sanitizer or liquid soap, please use according to the proportion of hand sanitizer: water = 1:6
    please replace it to

    Nov 12,2019

  • Виталий
    На удивление неплохой диспенсер!
    Долго выбирал между требующими "допиливания" диспенсерами от Xiaomi, дорогущими Lebath, и этим брендированным нонеймом. Не удержался, взял по акционной цене 12,99$ и оказался приятно удивлён: качество материалов и культура производства на эти деньги - просто отличные! Дизайн немного спорный, но в реале он смотрится получше, а почти двукратная разница в цене снижает эстетические амбиции :) Лично я покупаю специализированное мыло для пенных диспенсеров, но для любителей разводить обычное жидкое - будет удобным не очень широкое горлышко ёмкости, которое можно легко прикрывать большим пальцем для взбалтывания. С наливом через такой диаметр, на самом деле, тоже никаких проблем нет, если не дрожат руки :) Доехало удивительно быстро (особенно для бесплатного варианта доставки), 12 дней в Ростов-на-Дону. В общем, я очень рад этой покупке, что далеко не всегда удаётся с этим магазином.

    Jul 25,2019

  • Lubomir
    Alfawise AD - 1806 Foaming Soap Dispenser Pump - gearbest
    plusy - výborná vec do kúpeľne - šetrí mydlo a aj čas pri umývaní rúk
    - funguje na 4 AA batérie - musia byť alkalické, nabíjacie nebudú fungovať
    - dá sa zmeniť množstvo peny
    - nie je tak hlučné ako iné značky
    - dobre chránené pred vodou

    mínusy - iba tie batérie - prečo nefungujú nabíjacie?

    pluses - a great thing for the bathroom - saves soap and time when washing your hands
                - works on 4 AA batteries - must be alkaline, charging will not work
                - the amount of foam can be changed
                - not as noisy as other brands
                - well protected from water

    Cons - only those batteries - why don't the rechargeable batteries work?

    Jan 09,2020

  • Conrad Meg
    Quick and responsive. Excellent value!
    Very impressed with this soap dispenser. Packaging was perfect, the dispenser was well protected. Installation was easy, put in 4 AA batteries and unscrew the cap to put in your favorite hand sanitizer.
    I am using this at my kitchen sink to wash my hands while cooking without spreading any bacteria from raw meats, this soap dispenser has performed flawlessly. It dispenses an exact amount with each use and does not drip at all. With the auto foaming sensor, foaming become very easy and clean, keeps efficient morphology and cleansing power of the foam.

    Apr 20,2019

  • ApatriK
    Distributore di schiuma di sapone, un oggetto da non perdere.
    Ciao a tutti, ho comprato due di questi dispenser di schiuma e sono soddisfattissimo, si risparmia moltissima acqua, tutta quella che andrebbe sprecata dal momento dell'apertura del rubinetto per inumidire le mani fino al loro risciacquo. Quando poi a lavare le mani sono i bambini il risparmio è triplicato, devono solo insaponare e sciacquare il rubinetto non rimane aperto per tutto il tempo che loro giocano con la schiuma!
    E' un bell'ogetto, elegante e funzionale, le batterie durano molto e il lavandino rimane pulito... oggi ne acquisterò un altro , così sono tre quelli acquistati,,, :-)

    Sep 08,2019

  • verwerter
    Alfawise AD - 1806 Foaming Soap Dispenser Pump - SUPER!
    Also Leute, das Teil hat seine "Lieferzeit" aber es hat sich gelohnt. Der Schaum ist absolut zufriedenstellend und ich bin auch zu frieden. Ich habe wie angegeben normale Flüssigseife 1:6 mit Wasser verdünnt und das Ergebnis ist WOW! Ja, ich hatte meine Zweifel, aber diese sind weg! Das Teil ist geil! Wenn man bedenkt, dass ein manueller Schaumspender im Supermarkt doppelt so teuer ist wie ein Seifenspender um so mehr. Zu Batterielaufzeit etc. kann ich noch keine Angaben machen, hab's erst seit gestern.

    Nov 19,2019

  • Ward Moses
    Quality much appreciated!
    This is a quality product! Very well made. I use it to dispense dish liquid in the kitchen. I liked the simple and clean style of this model as it compliments everything from my recent kitchen remodel. As for the device itself, having an automatic soap dispenser makes life in the kitchen easier. Much better than my old pump dispenser; only one hand needed. For the price I paid I didn't expect it to be as good as it is, much better than I thought.
    Overall, I find this a good value and nice looking appliance.

    Apr 22,2019

  • Andrea
    Excellent product to save soap and water
    I bought two of these distributors, on the basis of good reviews by other users, and I am quite happy with my purchase.
    It is well built and works perfectly, using liquid soap, diluted in water. The recipe I have adopted is to pour in the dispenser 4 parts of water and about 1 part of common liquid soap.
    I see two advantages with respect to using liquid soap directly: first, you can use much less soap, especially if you have kids at home, which is good for the environment. Second, you save water, because there is no need to first wet your hands, just start washing your hands with the foam, opening the tap only for rinsing them.

    Jul 21,2019

  • Roei
    Alfawise's Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser - A Great Product
    Bought a couple of automatic soap dispnsers for my house. One for the guests toilet and one for my personal toilet.
    Both work perfectly for about three weeks so far.

    I like the product very much.
    Any guest who used it liked it very much as well.

    Very handy, easy to setup, easy to use.

    A bit noisy, as you can probably hear in the video.
    Also, in my opinion has a somewhat "coarse" design. Would have given a 5-star if it were a more elegant product.

    Aug 06,2019

  • Alessio E.
    davvero fenomenale consigliato
    il prodotto si presenta come da foto e la sua funzione davvero ottima ti permette di avere più Irene rispetto alla saponetta e ti fa risparmiare sull'acqua perché il sapone che eroga almeno le quantità che ho messo io nel contenitore fa uscire una schiuma densa e acquosa quindi mi posso già strofinare le mani e poi aprire rubinetto per lavare la schiuma, quindi fa risparmiare moltissima acqua che di solito si lascia accesa per prendere il sapone o strofinare con la saponetta, consiglio l'acquisto davvero soddisfatto, spedizio e tempi rapidi arrivato prima del previsto

    Dec 10,2019