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  • MoneyDoc
    This is a great little projector for the small price, the quality of the image is really great, you will want a higher image quality, i think it is a plenty great image, to get the top and/or bottom of the image not blurry, has a regular headphone jack so we plugged in our Bose speaker for real theater sounding movie nights, i didn't even try to see how loud the internal speakers are, contrast and several other adjustments that are easy to navigate and switch also

    Oct 14,2018

  • Eric Y. Rivera
    One lovely fine morning I bought this projector and I must say it's a awesome purchase from Amazon till date, the display quality is good and sound quality is OK because my room is small enough, i use my room wall as a projector screen even then the display quality is good, the remote sensor sensing and transmitting quality is also good, this was my first projector and from day one I did not face any issue with setup, very easy to setup, device friendly

    Oct 24,2018

  • Varmintbaby
    The setup of the projector was very easy, the projected image quality was crisp and clear, i was able to enlarge the picture and still have a very decent image, the sound quality is more than adequate in a normal size conference room, i was able to control the volume of the music and mute it quickly when needed during the presentation, the inclusion of the headphone jack is a nice touch if I need to attach external speakers

    Sep 16,2018

  • Matt Cibulka
    I ordered this projector because of all of the good reviews, i was looking for something that was good quality but not super expensive as it was solely for watching movies outside on our patio, in the end I returned this projector because I was never able to get the entire screen to focus, they responded quickly to my questions regarding the blurry pictures and gave me information that they thought would correct it

    Sep 27,2018

  • Brian S. Tagomori
    Very positive experience for the cost, it looks great on the wall or on a screen and has a very large display, projection is decently bright in dark light, gets washed out in dim light, dim light, our normal light, setup was easy and carrying case is nice, very happy with the quality for the price

    Sep 22,2018

  • A Nonfiction Lover
    This is amazing product I ever got, the screen and picture quality too good and making a feel of being inside the theater, good Worth for the money I spend and everyday enjoying the movies like experiencing inside a theater, excellent and amazing projector

    Oct 07,2018

  • lucas luchetti
    It displays a clear picture and is easy to setup, the size of this projector is compatible and fits perfect on the projector stand, this product is awesome and I highly recommend this projector to anyone looking to purchase a projector

    Sep 23,2018

  • Robert Lewis
    I was looking for an affordable projector for outdoor movie nights in my suburban neighborhood where it isn't completely dark, the picture is more than adequate for outdoor movies, a couple external speakers worked just fine

    Sep 11,2018

  • JAwesome
    He was so excited based on the loads of positive reviews and the low price, we had a great projector and can enjoy the Stanley Cup outside now :The quality is great, a very nice picture and can display very large images

    Sep 14,2018

  • Kalin
    The LED light source makes a very nice and bright picture for even in a half lightroom, the only thing I have to say bad about this projector is it looks lightly cheap by appearance but that won't break the deal for me

    Oct 23,2018