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QIDI TECH imprimante X Maker 3D haut de gamme axée sur l'habitation et l'éducation
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QIDI TECH imprimante X Maker 3D haut de gamme axée sur l'habitation et l'éducation

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Principales Caractérisques

1.Professional research and development 3d printer for home,education.
2.Exclusive educational software with a special textbook.
3.Air circulation function;Suitable to use in the school and home.
4.It support printing with PLA,ABS,TPU,PETG,HIPS filament.Build size: 170 x 150 x 160 mm / 6.69'' x 5.9'' x 6.29''.
5.Backed by with One-to-one QIDI TECH service. If you have queries about 3D Printer, feel free to contact our exclusive and fast support service team, we'll reply back to you within 24 hours. Free one-year warranty is also guaranteed.


Taille de l'emballage (L xlxh)
52,5 * 59 * 51CM
Poids de l'emballage
Contenu du colis
X-Maker Imprimante 3d X 1, Couvertures acryliques X 1, États-UnisB Clé USB X 1, Tournevis X 1, Papier de nivellement X 1, Porte-bobine de filament Joint, Boîte de pièces de rechange X 1, Filament de PLA X 1, États-Unis Manuel X 1
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  • Raines
    Impressed with this printer. Affordable, but with high-end, professional functions
    I'm surprised at the advanced features they've managed to put into this printer while keeping the price under $600. This is the perfect printer for someone who wants to pay a little extra for some pro-level features and user-friendly operation, but not overpay for those benefits.

    This is a surprisingly quiet printer with a built-in camera for remote monitoring, WiFi printing, direct ethernet cable printing, direct USB (Win & Mac) printing via the QIDIprint software, USB flash drive printing, a flexible magnetic build plate, active air filtration, color touchscreen, and LED lighting with touchscreen On/Off control, breakpoint/resume printing with filament run-out detection, Flex/TPU filament printing, and a few other advanced features.

    The build quality, user-friendly setup, and overall features made this the best printer I've worked with so far. Also, it's a very attractive piece of equipment to look at (almost looks like a wine refrigerator), and something I actually want to put on my desk. I plan to make this my desktop prototyping and development printer.

    Sep 11,2019

  • Marrero
    Great Printer
    he printer was nice and worked very well, until i went to change filaments. I backed out the filament i was using (the one that came with the printer) and when I went to start a new roll it would not feed. I could feel the gears turning but nothing was coming out the hot end and the filament was not feeding in. Tried another new spool and same issue. I removed the extruder and took out the nozzle and small tube. The small tube was clogged with a bit of material which it should not have been since the material has back out earlier. Even with the nozzle and tube removed i could not feed filament manually through the assemble. I did notice a gap between the cold end and the extruder outlet. Seems there is a jam inside the hot end and even using 240 degree temp it does not come out. Waiting for Qidi to respond

    Oct 06,2019

  • Bair
    Get this won’t be sorry!
    Wish I had bought this printer first! I had purchased another 3D printer because it had a larger print bed, but it was nothing but a disaster. Then I decided to just go with the printer I originally was going to buy...this one! It has been nothing short of wonderful! The software and the machine are so easy to use. Of course there are some learning curves, but it was very easy to catch on. I use it several times a week. I was printing projects 30 minutes from opening the box! I did have a technical issue, but I contacted the company via Facebook, and they quickly replied, diagnosed the problem, and shipped out a part the same no cost to me!!! I have been super impressed. Thanks!!!!

    Sep 26,2019

  • akabk
    Great printer/Great Support
    This is my first 3D printer and I have had a fantastic experience so far using it. It does have a smaller build volume but it’s good for families because it is enclosed and the build plate is far away from the side of the printer. The touchscreen is easy to use and makes the printer super easy to operate. It prints great and I haven't had any problems with any of the PLA filament I have used (hatchbox,makergeeks,colorfabb,atomic,zyltech). The best part is the fact that the customer service and support has been fantastic and extremely helpful, sending gcode files when I have had a small issue helping me figure out how to get something dialed in just right.

    Sep 21,2019

  • Nate
    Great for beginners.
    This is my first printer and the setup and first prints was very easy. I’ve had to do no adjustments and the process was very easy.I have to say, this printer is great! It works well, and while I’m still learning to use it , it is a good quality printer. And while I’ve had trouble a few times, their amazing customer support has gone the extra mile to help me fix my minor issues. And they’ve sent me parts every time I had a problem with my printer (one of those times was due to me moving and a part was missing when I unboxed it) I highly recommend this printer to anyone who wants to get started 3D printing and doesn’t know what one to buy

    Sep 25,2019

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