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QIDI TECH Grande imprimante 3D industrielle de qualité industrielle X-Plus intelligente avec 10,6x7,9x7,9 pouces
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QIDI TECH Grande imprimante 3D industrielle de qualité industrielle X-Plus intelligente avec 10,6x7,9x7,9 pouces

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Principales Caractérisques

QIDI TECH X-PLus imprimantes 3D, conçues par une équipe professionnelle de premier plan, associent la technologie 3D de la plus haute précision et offrent l'impression silencieuse, la purification de l'air et la connexion Wi-Fi. Ce qui peut être imprimé sur un type de matériau tel que le nylon, la fibre de carbone, le PC, etc., et également compatible avec toutes les marques de filament de 1,75 mm.
Le kit d'imprimante 3D X-PLus est livré avec deux types différents d'extrudeuse. . L'extrudeuse A avait déjà été installée sur l'imprimante. La température d'impression maximale est de 250 ° C et peut très bien fonctionner avec le PLA, l'ABS, le TPU. Et pour l'extrudeuse B, libre à vous si vous en avez besoin. La température d'impression maximale est de 300 ° C et peut imprimer sur nylon, fibre de carbone, PC. (Le dernier développement, essai gratuit).
Le X-PLus avec la création pionnière de deux manières différentes pour placer le filament. Impression ventilée ou impression à température constante fermée à choisir lors de l’impression des différents types de filaments. Le pilote à double axe Z assure une qualité d'impression plus stable et plus précise lorsque vous imprimez en grande taille. Configuration supérieure d'imprimante 3D.
Dernière version du logiciel Slicer 5.0: L'interface utilisateur repensée du logiciel QIDI est plus intelligente et plus pratique à utiliser. Il a modifié l'algorithme de découpage du logiciel et améliore la qualité d'impression de 30% et la vitesse de 20%. Le logiciel QIDI est compatible avec tous les types d’imprimantes QIDI, il est gratuit, il existe une alternative aux logiciels payants (si vous utilisez l’ancienne version, téléchargez la dernière version sur le site officiel de QIDI).
Soutenu par avec One -un service QIDI TECH. Si vous avez des questions à propos de l’imprimante 3D, n'hésitez pas à contacter notre équipe de support technique exclusive et rapide, nous vous répondrons dans les 24 heures. La garantie gratuite d'un an est également garantie.


Taille de l'emballage (L xlxh)
66,5 * 55,5 * 56CM
Poids de l'emballage
Contenu du colis
X-Plus imprimante 3d X 1, couvercles en acrylique X 1, cordon d'alimentation X1, clé USB usB X 1, tournevis X 1, guide user X 1, support de bobine de filament \ u0026 X 1, papier de mise à niveau X 1, câble LAN X 1, extrudeuse à haute température \ u0026d Instruction X 1
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  • Bainbridge
    This printer is good!!
    I can't say enough good things about this printer and especially about Qidi 's support. This printer is a beast.It is physically large compared to rep rap printers with the same build deck, but what you get with this printer is well worth it.It is direct drive so you have the ability to run flexible filament along with pla,abs etc. Since its enclosed material like abs run much easier. The build deck has a fantastic magnetic buildtak style build deck that materials stick to very well. The whole printer is super solid and built to last.Dual z axis supports and all aluminum axis mounts. Super easy to level.You can use an easy single point semiautomatic level or the full 3 corner plus middle leveling system.I contacted Qidi for the free upgraded extruder head and within an hour they responded. Now that's service! I also had a few newbie questions and ever question I asked I had a response within a few hours with pictures and descriptions of what mistake I was probably making. This company really cares about their customers .For the money I don't think you can do any better than this printer, and for any amount of money I don't think you can do better than buying from this company. Im just a regular guy who appreciates a good product with good support when you are spending the type of money these printers cost.

    Sep 10,2019

  • Warg
    Coolest Thing I Have Ever Owned!
    "Everything you need to start printing today is in the box. Assembly is really simple, because it comes fully assembled only a few miner parts for you to click into place. The instruction book is high quality with full color pictures that easily guide you through every step. You'll be up and printing in a matter of minutes, even if you've never seen a 3D printer. This printer is made of really high quality sturdy material and looks very professional. THIS is what a commercial ""out of the box"" printer should be like. It's exceptionally quite too. We previously had an Anet A8 and even though this printer is much bigger it's far quieter.
    We had an issue with our printer where the temperature readings were fluctuating wildly causing the extruder to be over-cooled which resulted in gaps in printing or peeling print layers. The support team responded to our email right away and worked closely with us to quickly diagnose the issue. They expedited a replacement part to us with easy to follow repair instructions and we've had high quality, detailed prints ever since.
    We're printing using ABS filament purchased from Amazon direct at 225C extruder temperature and 90C print bed temperature. Print quality is fantastic. This could quite possibly be the coolest thing you'll ever buy! Worth every penny."

    Sep 20,2019

  • Bill Starbird
    My name is Bill Starbird and I am a total novice and new too 3d printing, I found that if you follow the directions the machine setup as well as the software setup was a snap. I have only had the X-Plus for about a week and printed 6 parts in which all but one came out fine on the first try. I believe the one that didn't come out on the first try I can tweak the settings a little and it will come out fine (now that I am not so afraid of trying different things). The machine is very quiet and I look forward to doing more difficult parts as my proficiency level increases.
    As far as customer support is concerned I have needed to contact them for minor issues such as recommended 3d Cad software that would be compatable with the slicer. In all instances the responses from customer service has been helpful, fast, and reliable. They make it obvious they are committed to helping you resolve your problem. This customer service department is second to none and the best I have ever had dealings with, they make thlngs happen quickly.
    I would highly recommend both the X-Plus quality and support service to anyone looking for the best in entering into
    the challenges of 3d printing.

    Sep 24,2019

  • Harris
    The best 3d printer I have ever used
    "1. It is very easy to set it up. Just follow the included manual, you can start to print the test model within one hour.
    2. The printer is sturdy built. Exterior looks beautiful and professional. The printing space is large enough that you can get a lot of large objects printed well.
    3. I really like the fast leveling function, which is super easy to do. I just need to check one point to make the bed level.
    4. The printed object can be removed by bending the plate. It saves a lot of my shoveling efforts and protects the plate from scratches. I noticed if the plate is scratch free, I don't need to apply glue to the plate anymore.
    5. It has a lot of cool functions like you can stop the printing in the middle and change a different filament and continue the job from where you stopped.
    6. The QIDI support is the best. They are super responsive to reply emails. They patiently explained the details about the product and helped me to solve the problem. Once I made a stupid mistake when switching filaments. The filament was stuck because I didn't follow the instructions. I called the QIDI support line and the technician helped me out."

    Oct 11,2019

  • Laurence.
    a Beginner
    This is my first 3D printer and using a machine like this for the first time can be intimidating, but let me tell you this machine is very easy to use. The configuration of the HUD is straightforward, the manual is actually useful and simple to follow in setup, and the included software is easy to tweak according to your preferences. The software is more or less Cura and a breeze to use, although I am still trying to figure out the best support structure settings. The supports can be difficult to remove using default settings so you're going to have to experiment.

    Customer Service has been very impressive. Every questions asked they will respond to any hardware, software, and other issues with your best interests in mind - they truly want their customers to have the best experience possible and have been extremely helpful. I have never had such a good experience with customer support elsewhere.

    Sep 11,2019

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