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Flowfon P20 Imprimante 3D à Assemblage Rapide avec Écran de 3,5 pouces
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Flowfon P20 Imprimante 3D à Assemblage Rapide avec Écran de 3,5 pouces

- Cendre gris PRISE EU 448965801

255 x 255 x 260mm Power off Resume Print Filament Broken Détection
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Caractéristiques Principales
● Installation rapide en trois étapes
● Grand écran tactile de 3,5 pouces
● Fonction de reprise de la mise hors tension
● Fonction de détection de filament insuffisante
● Avec fonction de nivellement automatique
● Conception de câble à une rangée, adieu le câble compliqué
● 4040 base en aluminium, plus stable
● Structure intégrée, soignée et généreuse
● Buse avec étui de protection en silicone, chauffage rapide, forte isolation
● Panneau en fibre de verre + papier texturé, modèle à la main, forte adhérence
● Prend en charge de la télécommande WiFi (le module WiFi nest pas inclus)
● Prise en charge de lextension TMC2208



Marque: Flowfon
Type: DIY
Matériel (cadres): Aluminum
Bord de Plate-forme: Base d'Aluminium
Précision de Gravure: 0,1mm
Quantité de Buse: Unique
Diamètre de Buse: 0,4mm
Taille de Produit Formant: 255 x 255 x 260mm
Epaisseur de Couche: 0,1-0,3mm
Impression de Carte Mémoire Hors-ligne: Carte TF
Ecran LCD: Oui
Vitesse D'impression: 100mm/s (MAX)
Température de Plate-forme: 0 à 110 degrés
Matériel de support: ABS,PLA Flexible,HIPS,PC,PETG,PLA,PVC,Bois
Diamètre de Matériau: 1,75mm
Langues: Anglais
Format de fichier: AMF,DAE,G-code,OBJ,STL
Fonction de modèle soutenu: Oui
XY-axe précision de positionnement: 0.0125mm
L'axe Z de la précision de positionnement: 0,002 mm
Tension: 110V / 220V
Puissance de travail: Entrée: AC 110 / 220V, sortie: 24V 360W
Hôte Logiciels: Cura,Repetier-Hôte
Poids du produit: Emballage Assemblé
Prise en charge système: Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Plage de tension: AC110V / 220V
Courant (mA): 24V, 15A
Type de Connecteur: USB,Wi-Fi


Poids du produit: 12,0000 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 46,00 x 45,50 x 52,00 cm / 18,11 x 17,91 x 20,47 pouces
Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 51,00 x 48,00 x 23,00 cm / 20,08 x 18,9 x 9,06 pouces

Contenu du colis

Contenu de l'emballage: 1 x Imprimante 3D

Flowfon P20 Imprimante 3D à Assemblage Rapide avec Écran de 3,5 pouces- Cendre gris PRISE EU

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  • Berg Hawthorne
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: EU Plug
    Very Impressed!!
    Prior to assembly, I stained the wood to minimize any risk of warping. We used a glass top for the bed, courtesy of a local glass repair shop, and use hair spray for adhesion (making sure to remove excess for proper adhesion). I use 123D Design from Autodesk and Curaengine for my slicer.

    Negatives - anything over about 2 inches long or wide, we had slanted prints. Also, this is a kit, so if you cannot follow assembly instructions, you may want to reconsider. I let my 13 year old son assemble this while I watched.

    Positives - he is very supportive, usually responds on within an hour. He wants to make sure you have a printer that you can enjoy. You won't get this support with a printer sold from China. Additionally, there is a support group on Google groups that helped me with the slant issue. I recommend making the proposed changes to correct slanted prints during original assembly. One of the pieces needs to be printed. If you can't find someone local to print for you, contact the group, someone would probably do it if you paid the shipping. Another design feature I appreciate is that the extruder drive motor is not located on the printer head. This reduces the inertia of the printer head and allows for faster printing without the inertia. These stepper motors are not cheap, undersized motors - they are 4 amp and will last.

    Overall, I am pleased and look forward to many successful projects. Good luck, and enjoy!

    May 28,2019

  • Dwight Bessemer
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: EU Plug
    Make printing easy and fun!
    This must be one of the best experiences we have for shopping online.
    My son is almost 16 years old and we want a perfect gift. It is impossible to buy him a 3D printer he wants in the store. I soon knew that you could buy a toolkit online. I fell in love with this idea immediately. After all, my 16-year-old son is an engineering student. He likes to do things. We read a lot of comments online, because of these comments, we immediately excluded several printers. We were warned that this could be a very frustrating build. Adult men say they don't understand the meaning of the instructions. Then we met this printer
    We thought about it for a long time. That night, I sent an email to Bob saying that it was a special gift. He said that it was ok, and he sent it the next morning, express.
    When our son finally opened it on his birthday, he was very excited. This set of equipment is definitely the best choice. The next day, after his party, he decided to organize it. He started at noon and ended completely at night. We feel very proud. The direction is clear and easy to understand. He has other software certifications but is not familiar with the software here. It was another day, but only because his laptop was broken, he was familiar with the software.
    The whole experience made us very happy. Bob even told him when he called my son for the first time.
    This guy is a first class actor, this great printer is also!!

    Jun 01,2019

  • Valerie Patrick
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: EU Plug
    Phenomenal printer
    I purchased this printer a few days ago. It has been a dream to use. I would definitely recommend this as a great printer for anyone starting out with 3D printing or even for veterans that want a more compact and reliable unit. I am extremely impressed.
    Setup-The three-step quick installation was fairly straight forward. It took me a few times to have it fully setup and powered on. And you don't need a lot of extra professional tools.
    Use-Very easy to use. This is not my first 3D printer, so I do have a little bit of experience with them in general. But with the automatic leveling function and the single-row cable design, the Flowfon P20 was still a very easy printer to simply start using. I am very impressed.
    Quality-The unit itself is very sturdy, everything aligns very well.
    Value-You will not find a better printer for this price. This printer exceeded my expectations on every level.

    May 11,2019

  • Leo O'Connor
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: US Plug (2-pin)
    Amazing printer for the price.
    My printer came with fast shipping and well-packaged, after the 3D printer was installed, it printed like a dream! This one hasn't given me a single problem so far.
    This is my first personal 3D printer. I normally use resin based printers at work so I'm used to high quality prints. This printer is able to print at near resin quality if you turn the printing speed to 25mm/s. It equipped with double fans extruder head for better cooling effect and more stable printing. The 3.5 inch full color touch screen is also very useful, HD display plus simple operation, let the printing work become more convenient and quick.

    May 16,2019

  • Mortimer Theresa
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: EU Plug
    Good designed product
    The nozzle of the P20 is designed with a silicone protective cover for fast heating and strong insulation, and the 4040 aluminum base is more stable, the power off resume function is also a good design.

    May 20,2019

  • Duke Lamb
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: EU Plug
    I think that is what makes it even more fun! Yes, you'll have a few failed prints here and there. But the process of learning your printer, your prints will become better and better.

    May 14,2019

  • Lucy Obadiah
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: US Plug (2-pin)
    Really impressed, quick an easy to assemble, the print quality is amazing, well worked fans and so on...I don't think you can get a better printer for the price.

    May 21,2019

  • Dana Eden
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: EU Plug
    Great for every day use
    This is my first experience to use 3D printer in my life. This one is definitely worth the price. The design is amazing and quality is well built.

    May 24,2019

  • Broderick Albert
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: EU Plug
    My first 3d printer...and it’s awesome!
    This is a genuine creality product for those wondering. I’ve printed severals little obiects and for the price I have zero complaints.

    May 21,2019

  • Tracy Tomlinson
    Oui (0) Couleur: Ash Gray Taille: US Plug (2-pin)
    Outstanding build and print quality
    The frame is incredibly sturdy, 3.5 inch large & sensitive touch screen, and the whole integrated structure is neat and generous.

    May 17,2019

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Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

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