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  • Wires
    Jumping wires
    There are enough long and short wires in diferent lenghts. But they are very soft. I imagined they would be solid and strong, hard to bend, but they aren't.
    All in all I think it is too expensive, both wires and delivering. I am not nor happy neither sad.

    May 31,2018

  • Stefan Kovachev
    Good Jumper Wires Kit
    An integral part of the mock mounting board.
    And for connections across sided PCB.

    Sep 04,2016

  • Brian
    Jumper wires
    Perfect for tidying up arduino projects without using dupont wires.
    Great build quality.
    Very diverse sizing.
    Nice little case to sort them in.

    Dec 04,2016

  • Richard Lion Guevara Puerta
    Muy buena calidad !
    Son perfectos para trabajos en protoboard, de diferentes longitudes y colores, pelados perfectamente!

    Aug 31,2018

  • Marques
    Conectores para breadboards
    Muito util, preço muito bom.
    As cores dividem a dimensão de cada conector.
    A caixa deixa passar alguns conectores para outras divisões

    Apr 11,2016

  • Furkan
    jumper wires set for breadboard projects
    useful jumper wires set for breadboard projects
    many different lenghts
    no, price may be a bit high

    Sep 17,2016

  • silverbek
    box of cables arduino
    different sizes

    comes with a box

    good for arduino projects

    Nov 14,2016

  • Juan Carlos
    perfect for arduino projects
    if you don't have time to peel wires, it's the greatest thing you can buy so far

    Mar 03,2017

  • Simonas
    Jumper wires
    Safes time. Good for DIY. Nice box. Everithing ok with this stuff.
    nothing to add

    Apr 21,2017

  • Zabbu
    High quality jumpers
    The case it very nice and the wires are very nice. They work well with my bread board.

    Mar 17,2017