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  • Antero
    This is amazing
    So this is screen for projectors and it is really good

    all you have to do is just install it with the steel holes in the corners and it will hang tight
    you can also iron it smooth so it will be absolutely smooth.

    this is a good product and i enjoy it, 120 inch screen and movies is amazing!
    i have review of the Projector i use
    Your welcome
    No cons

    Jan 17,2017

  • Brandy Adams
    This laser presenter is an extremely handy device to have around the office - and the price is MUCH better than I've found in stores having a Prime account helps, i bought this for training presentations and while it takes a while to see the green light dot since you're `` looking'' for red out of habit, this presenter actually has more features than I needed or wanted so some go unused, not much to say - if you need a laser presenter this one is great

    Jul 23,2018

  • pip66
    This is an extremely useful and ingenious tool, the presenter is small enough not to draw attention to itself but not so small that larger hands can't use it, it is the perfect size, the green laser works well and shows up on every surface I have used it on, overall this an excellent product, let me add that you can go a fair distance away from the laptop you are using and the presenter still works seamlessly

    Sep 13,2018

  • GenVicious
    In typical Logitech fashion this is high quality here, the green laser is excellent against any surface and the battery life is amazing, the size is perfect for any hand and it is most definitely designed for portability, the battery life is amazing and the range is amazing for some of the largest auditoriums and stages where I present, it is a brilliant feature I just do not normally use it

    Mar 26,2018

  • Brandon Richley
    I really prefer the green laser light to red ones, this presenter has a pleasant green light and easy, i've never plugged it into a strange computer that had a complaint about it, i also like that there is a slot for the USB receiver right at the bottom of the presenter, makes it easier to remember to take it with you compared to those that store a small receiver in the battery compartment

    Aug 29,2018

  • Kurtis Grant
    The built in holder for the receiver is very handy, one of the reasons I bought this unit was the green laser, the room has to be dark not low light so audience can read/write at their desks, i would buy it again but I may buy a different unit to try to gain remote mouse control as well as a better laser, i did not know the laser was all but useless for how I use system

    Dec 16,2017

  • WATwinsMom
    The long range of the laser, the ability to see the green dot on multiple surfaces SmartBoard, etc. and the ability to navigate through PowerPoint slides is very useful, the laser itself is not long lasting, the green laser stops working after roughly one semester of daily use, long after the green pointer stops working

    Feb 14,2018

  • D. L. Thompson
    For years I used an older presenter with a `` red'' pointer, the `` red'' pointer did not show on most of the new screens that I used, the `` green'' pointer solved that problem, my presentations are training related and go on for most of the day and sometimes into a second day, reliable and I like that it has a battery level indicator

    Oct 02,2018

  • Dave I
    This presenter is great, the green laser is great and the features that are available are almost perfect, the only bad thing I have to say is this : When you push the button to drop out of presentation mode to show a hidden slide its great, all the other available features are perfect

    May 30,2018

  • mitfif
    100 inch Table-top Projection Screen - great price
    Big screen size. Good material, good quality and useful holes for screen hanging
    Works as promised. I recommend.

    Aug 31,2018