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  • Gary
    Fits well
    The earphone fit is perfect for my ears - very ergonomic as the bud rests nicely in the concha (bowl-shaped cavity) of the ear. The headphones insert easily into place for a gentle cushioned feel, loosely 'locking' into place very naturally. I've worn these for hours at a time without any aching of the ear or hint of tension so the comfort is definitely there.

    Dec 18,2020

  • David
    Great gift for christmas
    I bought this headphone for Christmas,I have been very pleased with the headphones so far! The phones are small, and light-weight, which makes them very comfortable in my ears, but they produce a surprisingly full sound when listening to music or videos on my new tablet. The connectivity are pretty good.

    Nov 18,2020

  • James
    Well come
    The earphones come well packaged, all feeling sensibly professional without being over the top. Good for travelling as they go loud and have lots of bass. They look quite modern, so I think they wouldn't go amiss alongside formal attire, they fit well and block sound, and its price is acceptable for me

    Nov 16,2020

  • Carl
    Comfortable to wear
    Good appearance, comfortable, crisp sound, I am very satisfied with the quality. Highly recommend for those looking for quality build and most important is that its price is also reasonable for me, I like the these wired headphones so much, because I have no worries about low or even empty battery.

    Oct 25,2020

  • Smith
    Exactly what I need
    These headphones do everything I need them to do. I have used them primarily for listening to audio books, if you are a music aficionado, I can also rate them regarding the user experience for listening to music. It is also very ideal. All features have been as advertised. Highly recommended to you.

    Jan 09,2021

  • Steven
    Great purchase
    Just buy these, seriously, Great headphones, you will never regret to buy

    Nov 18,2020

  • Jimmy
    Top earphone with high quality sound and desirable appearance.

    Nov 08,2020

  • Brown
    First earbuds I have
    First earbuds that ever stayed in my ears, really enjoy them

    Nov 28,2020

    High sound quality
    Very comfortable and great sound quality for the price

    Nov 04,2020

  • Arcturus
    It is Ideal for Smart Phones, pretty satisfied with it

    Oct 07,2020